• M.Arch I (SCI-Arc), B.Sc (School of Interactive Arts and Technology)

  • Miesian Anomalies

    After visiting Seagram, Barcelona Pavilion, Neue Nationalgalerie, Lemke House, Haus Esters and Lange, Afrikanischestrasse, and Verseidag Factory, a personal infatuation developed for studying Mies in obnoxious detail. This project analyzes the hyper-details of Mies, contrasting his typical use of the detail with a catalogue of anomalies that contradict his language. The satirical result is a silly building that encompasses several strange Miesian anomalies, including the Crown Hall stair grid lines, the double columnal system of Bacardi, and the air pocheĢ space of Barcelona Pavilion. The interest of the project is to re-open a consideration of the detail in contemporary architecture, and re-examine its ability to carry key conceptual ideas.

Miesian Language:
The linguistic diagrams of Mies (often the liberation of the horizontal, and a resultant reduction of the vertical.)

Miesian Anomalies:
Instances where Mies diverges from his typical linguistic diagrams.

Below: Miesian stoa, composed of anomalies found throughout Mies' career.