• M.Arch I (SCI-Arc), B.Sc (School of Interactive Arts and Technology)

  • Emerging Logics of the 'Hrmmfph'

    "Crushed" form exists within the realm of modernist alternatives, wherein architecture returns to the rectilinear box to reconsider its potentials. Crushed form creates ambiguity in material, solidity, and structural integrity. Further, the crushed box offers anthropomorphic possibilities for "humanizing" the figure of the box. As seen in several of the blue study models that approximate a human head and torso, when a deformation occurs with a comparable scale to the human body, the result is a form of animated personality. The crushed form can be considered within the context of digital creation in contemporary formal design, and critiques the role of "architect as author" through traditional architectural tools of creation (ie. paper models). While the study models can be "controlled" to a certain extent - original rectilinear shape of the box, thickness of material, solidity created by the glued edges - the end result is difficult to accurately predict. As a result, while the architect controls the physical motion of crushing the box and the force applied, the outcome is largely unpredictable.

    The program is for a library building with exterior courtyard and second-floor reading patio, with ample librarian offices and community rooms. The rounded backside of the architecture deflects arrivals from the library parking lot to the front, while entry occurs in the exterior fold, the facade's point of greatest tension. Visitors circulate through the building with a centralized stair deliberately placed at the building's most dynamic formal moment.