• M.Arch I (SCI-Arc), B.Sc (School of Interactive Arts and Technology)

  • I Hitchhiked France and Camped in Corb's Backyard

    With very little money and few resources, I hitchhiked across France in the summer of 2013 in order to study the canonical projects of Le Corbusier: Villa Savoye, Ronchamp, Maison la Roche, La Tourette, and Unite d'Habitation.

    This lecture contains the hitchhiking stories of my trip, and more importantly, the resultant research from my study. This was given as a student lecture (the first of its kind, to our knowledge) to the student body at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles CA in order to educate my peers on Corbusian precedents and try to re-create the experience of visiting these projects. November 7, 2013.

    Introduction by Jordan Squires, SCI-Arc M. Arch I.