• M.Arch I (SCI-Arc), B.Sc (School of Interactive Arts and Technology)

  • Three Theatre Tower,
    109 10th Avenue,
    Manhattan, NY

    The project features an interplay of three figures, defining space and creating a mediation between the small (human scale) and the large (urban scale). The largest figure, the exterior envelope, communicates with the large urbanity of Manhattan. The smallest "figures", the three theatres, are on a manageable human scale, while an interior figure that runs through the entirety of the building in numerous pieces creates a mediation between the smaller human scale and the broader urban context, negotiating both contexts.

    The interior figure offered a way to design and control the spatial experience inside. As the process began, the figure and envelope began as two separate systems. As the project evolved, the two became more integrated, and the collisions between the interior figure and the exterior envelope came to define the architectural experiences of the project. The beginning and end points of the interior figure were placed at areas of heightened architectural experience: entry thresholds, viewpoints, and key circulation.

    The project takes cues from the Koolhaasian blank skyscraper, featuring an unrevealing envelope that encloses different "worlds" on each floor of the tower. Thus, grandiose entry thresholds were designed for each of the three theatre entrances, with each different "world" capable of acting as a stand-alone theatre, separate from the others.

Above: Physical model.
Below: Rotational axonometric.

Above: Long section.
Below: Short section.

Above: Morphology diagrams. The formal process began with a conceptual diagram of an interior figure, light shafts acting through the entirety of the building while defining space. Adding an exterior envelope, the project became a collision between the exterior envelope "figure", and the interior figure.

Below: Sectional diagrams showing the relationship between the interior figure and the shape of the three theatre volumes.

Above: Roof plan with outdoor theatre.
Below: Plan of main theatre.

Above: Highline plan.
Below: Ground plan.

Above: Site plan.
Below: Elevations.

Above: Slices through the building showing the interior figure, both in section and in plan.
Below: Render view from street.